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This modpack will bring much more life and joy to the pixelmon experience. It includes many more biomes for you to explore. The world will appear more majestic. As well as many more ways to customize your builds as it includes around many furniture and building mods. It adds over 500 new varients and items to create your house like no other. This modpack also adds more content to pixelmon to make your life so much easier. It also includes a recipe book so it shows you everything you need. It also contains a resource pack to make your pixelmon life like no other. This modpack is great for people with creative minds and who love pixelmon. It makes it so much easier to get started as well.



More Biomes- This modpack adds over 100 new biomes for you to discover. Each biome will have unique spawns for pixelmon. No 2 biomes will be the same.


More Furniture- It will also add over 100 new objects for you to place in or outside your house.


More Customization- It will also add more variants of blocks to make your house and buildings more you. It adds over 500 variants. 


Pixelmon- It obvously has the pixelmon mod added to it, as well as other features to make the pixelmon mod better as a whole.


Map- The modpack contains a minimap that shows you everywhere you been and you can open it up as well to make it full screen whenever you want.


Better looking trees- This modpack changes the trees as well. It makes the trees more realistic moving. 


More music and sceneries- This modpack contains a resourcepack that includes a soundtrack depending on what youre doing in pixelmon.