Awakening - Reforged Lite

4,728 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 29, 2020 Game Version: 1.7.10  



>>> 300+ Mods 1000+ Quests. Long Play. Magic & Tech. Semi-Hardcore. Truly 100% Unique! - With custom world gen, ores and mobs. Tons of mod integration/recipes. Like nothing you have played before! <<<

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About Awakening 'Lite' Modpack

"The challenges actually make sense, it's so immersive" - LadyHana, (AKA Mrs Wyld) Twitch.
"Of the packs that I'm currently playing, this is my favorite one to play" - Kmartinator, Twitch.
"If you've never tried Awakening, you owe it to yourself to do so" - shadowake, Creator.
"One of the best packs I have ever played"
- Treqor, Twitch.


Awakening - Reforged 'Lite' is an almost complete version of the full Awakening - Reforged modpack. This pack can be used to join servers and play with other people running the full pack. In terms of modpack functionality, quest progression, etc; these packs are the same.  A number of client side mods which add visual enhancements, custom sounds or music have been removed, reducing the footprint of the pack greatly in both file size and FPS cost.


The 'lite' version is simply designed as an option to allow more people to play this unique pack. These client-side removals should allow those who have less powerful machines or have had issues downloading larger modpacks from the Twitch launcher to play the pack. Please see the original Awakening modpack page (HERE) for a full description of the pack, FAQ, mod list, etc.


Server version can be obtained from the full Awakening - Reforged modpack's downloads section; the server download is universal.


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