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Avatar: The Next Generation


There are so many mods in this pack, I can't name them all. Just take these mods and have fun!

Also. image and mods are not mine.

Image is made by BH | Cacto and maybe other BH Graphic Designers

Mods are made by their respective creators


Criticism is welcome! I would love to hear ideas and improvements I could use! I want this modpack to be enjoyable and fun for everyone!


Total Mod Count: 109


Inspired by: Avatar Age of the Blood Moon
No story yet, but maybe you can make one?


I have finished working on the modpack until I can find a map. I am leaving it open so that way, if you want to, you can build your own world and make your own storyline. However, there may be updates, adding compatibility between some mods.


As of 6/3/2020, I'm in contact with Avatar: Out Of The Iceberg 2's modder right now, and they gave me the ideas for 1.0.7 and 1.0.8!



Go check out my patreon!: https://www.patreon.com/FiveNights2161

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp-k3E0SRo3IKf5z_3Fs3wA?view_as=subscriber



The Official Discord Server for the modpack! I'll post when an update releases here! 


I'm working my hardest to be active! But it's hard when I have school...


Wanna become a technologically advanced avatar? You can do that!
Wanna have genetically mutated chickens produce every possible resource you could need at insanely fast speeds? You can do that, too!
Wanna make your own story for YouTube? You can do that! Just credit me please! Use the modpack link and my YouTube link!



Hey everyone! BisectHosting has sponsered the modpack! To get your own server, they gave us a link so you can get 25% Off your first month using our link!: 
And remember, give at least 4GB of RAM on the server for it to work smoothly! (I actually recommend 8GB due to exploration. I never actually calculated for exploration when giving a minimum.)