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Aureal Kingdom is an entire world, made up of 6 kingdoms, to visit and experience where it is possible to carry out countless tasks and jobs.
The entire area of ​​Aureal Kingdom to visit is 4,000,000,000 square kilometers where animals live and thrive, hundreds and hundreds of varieties of plants, huge seas and oceans full of life.
More than an online video game, it is an exploratory experience as there are dozens and dozens of biomes and several thousand living beings.
You can be a farmer and work the land, a miner of raw materials, a timber trader, an adventurer, a fisherman, a blacksmith, a carpenter, a vegetable trader, an animal farmer and much more. You can build and have buildings to start your own business on Aureal Kingdom or simply create your own home.


More info at www.aurealkingdom.com


The world of Aureal is full of life and much emphasis has been placed on the colors and materials of nature, therefore we recommend the use of shader packs.


OPTIFINE:  Aureal Kingdom needs OptiFine_1.16.5_HD_U_G8