Atherys Aeons Lite

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A'therys Aeons: Lite Forge verison is here

This is the lite fabric modpack for the A'therys Aeons server. The new focus of the lite modpack is to provide Litematica to those concerned with transferring builds between servers.
However, this modpack's macro mod does not have macro profiles. I cannot do anything about this.



  • The official A'therys resource pack
  • Command Macros for our custom Heroes system
  • Litematica
  • Xaero's Minimap
  • Sodium + addons
  • Optional shaders


A New Aeon -

Planned to launch early 2022, A'therys Aeons is going to be a wholly new Vanilla experience based on the one we all came to love years ago. Learning from the successes and failures of A'therys Ascended, this project will shift the core experience of A'therys back to its original style; vanilla, plugin-based gameplay that relies on players to shape the world with their own creativity to hone the experience. Look forwards for updates and new information regarding the progress of this new server!


Come join our community today on our Discord or official A'therys website!


First founded by Gazamo in 2011 as a Vanilla RP/PvP Minecraft server called A'therys Ascended, the community has been formed through various iterations of our servers, including A'therys Version 1, A'therys Version 2, and A'therys Evolved. 
A'therys holds 100s of pages of lore and this plays a big part in our game design.
We are a community full of history and enjoy a great deal of nostalgia, but we are also focused on our future!


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