This modpack was made for the Armada eSports and gaming community.


This pack needs at least 3 GB of Ram/Memory dedicated to run properly. 6 GB recommended.


Armada Adventures is a modpack that includes a wide veriety of mods including (but not limited to):
-The Twilight Forest

-Dragons and other Mythical creatures

-Tons of new biomes to explore

-New foods to try out

-and fun gimmicks to find out!


You can expect to do plenty in this modpack, you can:

-Explore new biomes

-Hatch and rase Dragons to help defeat your enemies

-Tame other mythical creatures to travel the world with

-Fight new deadly monsters like the Gorgon and the Hydra.

-Fish for hours on end and discover new fish species

-Learn and master multiple types of magic to help you on your adventure

-Travel in style with fun hats that you get from monsters

-and many more things to do (you'll just have to experience it yourself)