Arduous: Lost Wasteland

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You've awoken on this barren wasteland planet, a civilization once ruled and proud, but where is everyone? All the buildings are empty, nothing remains, all that can be seen is mass hordes in all directions of zombies, skeletons and other creatures never before seen. Inside isn't safe, Outside isn't safe, what will u do to survive this planet and escape? Can you survive the 1st day without death claiming you?


There is no natural light, when night time comes it's pitch black, no moon light and all that is heard is the scratching and moaning of whats around lurking to destroy you.  Mining reveals unbeknownst  horrors from the rocks just waiting to come out and devour your soul. Puddles of liquid blue or purple are not water, but also intent on harming you.




For Single Player: Worldtype is: Lost Cities(BOP) then click on CUSTOMISE then on page 2 click on wasteland and then your good to go.


For Multiplayer: Configs are all ready done, all you will need is the following 2 lines in your





Thanks to the following people


TheRealp455w0rd ( Background picture )

Kiba ( Some craftweaker help )

Skyblade (All the work done with mineralogy)


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