You've become stranded on a deserted planet, unbeknownst to you how or why you got here, the only message left behind for you is to "run, run while you can... set up shelter before nightfall". Nightfall on this planet is pitch black, and the mobs are very, very aggressive. When not even the moon provides any light... can you survive the night? 

Simply placing shelter will never be enough, to survive, you will constantly need sources of light at all times, at night, mining, in caves, there is no natural light where there is darkness, thankfully the Vashta Nerada arent around or this could make things even more dire.

  To install: Either just look it up on the new Alpha Curse Voice Client (http://beta.cursevoice.com/games/minecraft), or download it here and Import it to the client as a custom modpack.  

Needed Extra Java Arguments: With the addition of Chromaticraft into our mods list an added java option is needed for those running Java8, to add this in, on the left hand side of your curse client, click on the Cog/Gear icon which is settings, then on the left goto Minecraft then on your right hand side scroll to the bottom where you will see an option called Advanced in the spot just under add in this java argument: -XX:+UseG1GC 

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If you get a crash, please report it to us first, we don't want one of our goofy mistakes possibly taking up a modder's valuable development time.