Arctic Survival - Inspired by Forge Labs

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Challenge Yourself To Survive at Least 100 Days


Only the toughest can survive bitter subzero snow and ice climates. Especially not with their sanity intact. Maybe you have to be crazy to even try it. Just remember not to freeze under the pressure.


This hardcore modpack is based on the very entertaining YouTube video by Forge Labs "I Spent 100 Days in the Arctic in Minecraft and Here's What Happened".

I have watched the video several times to recreate the mods and atmosphere. There is custom Biomes O Plenty generation with many Vanilla biomes greatly reduced. The whole world is a frozen extreme wilderness. You may even feel safer in Roguelike dungeons than on the surface especially as deep winter sets in.


The season starts in mid Summer. When you spawn this will be as warm as it gets. From here, the temperature drops to brutal extremes. Prepare to make a fire and get wool as soon as possible. When it snows, layers build up and drift, making travelling and building a challenge.

There are still climates with temperatures ranging from icy to glacial. To some degree your spawn and migration will determine the difficulty.


There are a few added mods to help you along.

Antique Atlas provides a balanced map.

You can cook on a campfire.

Just a Few Fish adds to the immersion.

Penguins are added.

Snowmancy allows you to craft fighting partners.

Snowballs are now valuable weapons.

Broken Nether portals spawn rarely throughout the world.

The Nether is a different place. Well, you'll see.

Make Maple Syrup, Pancakes, Candied Bacon and Maple Biscuits.

Thermal Expansion is not included or any tech mods.


It is recommended to install Optifine and the Seus Renewed Shader Pack

For a soundtrack similar to the video try the Skyrim Soundpack


If you don't want to play in Hardcore mode then change the config options for Misc Tweaks or remove the mod. (note this mod also controls snow on the first day)


Intro and Install Video



Good luck and don't freeze.


This is a fan pack and has no affiliation with Forge Labs. Not guaranteed to work exactly the same (but very close). There is at least one other pack like this but I feel this one is somewhat closer to the original.


To install download the Curseforge launcher from Overwolf

You can also use the download button in the Files section and drag the zip archive into a MultiMC window.


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