Architect's Astoundingly Awesome Addon Assortment

83 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 5, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

Welcome to AAAAA!


Architect’s Astoundingly Awesome Addon Assortment!


This is a 380+ mod modpack created a server.

We’ve got Adventure and Exploration, with a plethora of new dimensions, biomes, and dungeons to explore!

  • Biomes O' Plenty, Oh The Biomes You'll Go, Mystical World, and Project: Vibrant Journeys are all finished nicely with TerraForged, bringing you a beautiful world to explore
  • Return to a revamped and expanded End, with the additions of The Endergetic Expansion and The Outer End
  • Visit 4 new dimensions, such as The Twilight Forest, Atum 2: Return to the Sands, Blue Skies, The Abyss: Chapter II, The Undergarden, The Bumblezone, The Afterlight, Dimensional Dungeons, Gaia Dimension, Atlantis, The Cursed Realm 2, Bloodcraft 5, Dystopia, The Frozen Lands, Deep Dark Dimension, and even the tropical Tropicraft paradise getaway.
  • Dungeon Crawl, Dungeons Plus, When Dungeons Arise, Repurposed Structures, and Wesley's Rougelike Dungeons will grant you a seemingly endless amount of mob-infested places to adventure and more importantly LOOT!

We’ve got Automation and Technology, with old industrial classics and new fangled machines!

  • The Thermal Series, Immersive Engineering, Tinker's Construct, Applied Energistics 2, and Mekanism will be a familiar sight to factory makers and classic modded players
  • Newer mods such as Create allow for new and innovative ways to construct manufacturing lines, while Silent Gear adds and alternative and extensive covering of modular tools

We’ve got Arcana and Magic, with sorcerous spells, towering tomes, and wicked witchcraft!

  • Botania, Astral Sorcery, Blood Magic, Eidolon, Ars Nouveau, Forbidden and Arcanus, Druidcraft, Vampirism, and Occultism add many new ways to cast spells, summon strange things, and make wonders

We’ve got Antagonists and Bosses, with all sorts of new hostile mobs and powerful foes to fight and loot!

  • Ice and Fire will roar into your worlds, adding a variety of mythological creatures to find and slay... or maybe befriend???
  • Someone must've left some radioactive waste lying around, because Mutant Beasts will stalk the world at night
  • Mowzies Mobs also adds a challenging collection of champions for you to face

We’ve got All the great Quality of Life mods, bug fixes, vanilla tweaks, and other miscellaneous niceties as well!

  • Appleskin, JEI, Journey Map, Neat, Morpheus, Akashic Tome all make living in Minecraft easier.


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