Archaeology & Dimensions

704 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 18, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Fossils & Archaeology was very recently updated, and is now available for 1.12.2.


The primary goal of this pack is to fuse a mod like Fossils & Archaeology, which can very realistically be played on its own, with a medium sized handful of dimensional, and technological mods, so that you can become a multi dimensional god, while also tending to your prehistoric beasts!


For some people, the simplicity of Dinosaurs just isn't enough, but for some people it's also a brilliant way to play Minecraft with nothing else included.


This pack aims to give a shared experience to veteran modpack players, who feel comfortable in their temple, surrounded by huge multiblock storage systems, and crazy machines with the power to create black holes, and also to people who appreciate the more simple experience, of finding fossils, and birthing Dinosaurs!


Everyone however, can appreciate having a bucket load of dimensions! Now you can finally build a dinosaur park in the Aether! Did anyone ask for that? Probably not. Am i giving it you anyway? Of course!


From the Aether, to the deep dark, there is an interesting and vast set of exploration focused dimensions, that give players an exciting world to explore, and tame, using the highly underrated Portality portals.


There are also some miscellaneous addon style mods, such as open blocks, and Extra Utilities 2, and these are only really in here to offer players a number of easy to use generators, and decent early game technology.


We also have ProjectE (Equivalent Exchange) but it has been nerfed considerably, with the transmutation table, and tablet being disabled (as a lot of people consider projectE game breaking, if left in it's natural state). We have actually now disabled a very large number of items from ProjectE, so try to use JEI in game to see what's still available and what's not, as using a Wiki may be misleading.


This pack is recommended for, and was created for, server play, however you can definitely play this solo, and have just as much fun!


If you have any questions, or recommendations, feel free to comment below.


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