Apocalypse: Zombie Survival

Welcome to Apocalypse!



This Modpack is inspired by Cursed Walkihg by: OnMod. V1 is very similar to Cursed Walking but i will try and make it more special with each new version




What is Apocalypse?


Apocolypse is Zombie Apocalypse Modpack made for 1.19.2 to make up for the lack of Zombie Modpacks in the more recent minecraft versions.




Why play Apocalypse?


After playing Cursed Walking with some of my friends, i thought that the mod could be refined a little more. So i decided to make Apocolypse to add many more helpful features and to remove those i felt were unfair against the player.




How does the mod perform?


Most older machines will likely be able to crack 60FPS while playing Apocalypse, just make sure to disable all of the physics mod settings if you are unsure if you can run it.






Me and my friend Lukey have a Discord Server where we will likely be hosting an Apocalypse server.

Server invite: https://discord.gg/5q8f2srEBT

once in the server DM: Retrocowboy6343#0490 or Lukey#6052 to request the server IP


If you have any complaints about the Modpack DM Retrocowboy6343#0490 on Discord

Last of all have fun!