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Anti-Material Energy

Feature Video: By nicolbw


The original Material Energy quest-book pack series continues again for Anti-Material Energy [ME^-1] in Minecraft 1.7.10. Follow the quest book, meet new demands of supplies and rebuild the time continuum starting from the very beginning of the universe. You will first to make a Bang. A very Big Bang! The Big Bang 2 of course! There are multiple map options for playing on Multiplayer Servers to playing Singleplayer with a friend or Solo.  This pack completely changes Everything, you might as well make this a completely new game. It completely changes how Minecraft is played. Nothing is more powerful yet dangerous than pure, raw Energy!


Anti-Material Energy is the third Modpack in the Material Energy series. It is distantly different from the previous two [ME^3, ME^4]. New features include: two different adventure-map selection, both filled with separate new experiences. The first Map is intended for Mass-Multiplayer servers, we’ve seen many people wanting a multiplayer version of these maps and your demands are now met! The multiplayer map is HQM, and contains nothing but a flat world made of white anti-material. The second Map is intended for the classic, horrific adventures of space-time madness! With no other convenient resources around, you must use MineChem to obtain all materials and elements ever known whilst completing Quests as you progress.  

The Pearcel Team presents: Anti-Material Energy!


  • Mac/Linux Users, are you trying to join in too? Check out our separate downloads!:
    [Coming Soon in ‘Other Downloads’]
  • Need some Server Files/Maps? No problem, The Pearcel Team got you covered!:
    [Coming Soon in 'Other Downloads']

For those of you wondering: Yes it’s okay to record and stream our packs. It’s entertaining to watch and we may host/spotlight you!=


Making the Periodic Table and all the elements from Scratch!

Aura Casade Infusions, let's bring back the Elements!

Unique Inventory Pets to follow you and enchant your Adventure!


A Big Thank-you to all those who have contributed in some way or form! To all those who I’ve not included: I’m sorry, but thank you to you too!


  • Modpack Art: @Thomaz_M on Twitter!
  • Modpack Development: KitsuneAlex (@mine_mane330055 on Twitter !) [Still owned by the PearcelTeam]
  • Modpack Contribution: Skele, dmaster8
  • The Community: You are who makes this Modpack live and breathe! Thank you so much, you give us support and encouragement to continue making the 'Material Energy' series!