Alpha Red

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Hi Welcome to my modpack! feel free to comment any mods you like! and have fun (=



Alpha Red report 1 - name is Rick fox the Captain of one of the Alpha Red exploration team of a Crew of 6. Our mission is to explore a world lost in time located west of our Zeppelin the Red Zephyr. At the moment we are 140 Km away from our destination. That`s all you need to know.


Alpha Red report 2-

We have reached our destination...I cannot believe what I`m seeing...its like a new planet...We are setting up our equipment and fetching what we can to survive the night. Stay tuned for more.


Alpha Red report 3 -

We have been here for 3 days and we have discovered so much...We found a hut of with living clay people! and there's tons of them in different colours! we attempted to put a blue one next to a green but it didn`t end well...We also have found new Plants and agriculture! if I was to put everything we have found in words I might as well call it an Essa!


Alpha Red report 4 -

Day 4...We have found this unusual crystal! by the looks of it this crystal could be very useful! one of my team members are setting up a space for research...The weather is like nothing we have seen before! And I`m not saying that in a good way...if these winds get any stronger we may have to leave...


Alpha Red report 5 -

One of our team members have gotten ill from an unknown sickness...he says his ears hurt and it felling like there changing...there`s one other change we wont talk about...Lets hope and prey to Jeb its not fatal.


Alpha Red report 6-

Good news the sickness from the last report was not fatal...bad news...hes....changed.....he has pointy ears and a also we can confirm its not contagious...but we have even worst conditions have gotten worst...we are now thinking about sending another team....this is log 6...


Alpha Red report 7 - FINAL

SOS (static) WE HAVE REPO-----------------NADO--------LP--(static)------DO NOT-------(high winds)-----AHH---(cuts off)


Commander: Done reading?

You: Yes sir

Commander: good...we need you to go find out what it?

You: Yes...I'll send my team as soon as possible.






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