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All the Mods: Volcano Block ATMVB

All the Mods: Volcano Block
All the mods volcano block is a modpack is both a reimagination of the 1.12 Volcanoblock and also the third sieve based modpack following on from 6 and 7 To the Sky.

Multiple resource paths
Sieving isn't for everyone, this is a known problem with skyblock packs so we like to open you up to different resource generation types the further you get into the modpack, from Ex Machinis, our built in-house automation mod for ex nihilo, to Mystical Agriculture and Resource Chickens, and even void miners from Occultism and Industrial Foregoing you will never be strapped for diamonds, nor be forced towards one path.


In All the Mods VolcanoBlock we will continue the tradition adding new mods and removing others to change up the feel, whilst keeping to the quality of the To the Sky series

Does "All The Mods" really contain ALL THE MODS? No, of course not.