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All The Mods Expert: Remastered

Something old, something new...

All The Mods Expert has been re-built from the ground up for a fresh take on the unique hardcore progression introduced by the first All The Mods: Expert. We took everything we liked about the first pack and made it better while at the same time cutting out the awkward parts. Even though this is still based on Minecraft 1.10.2, almost every point of progression has been re-designed from the ground-up from the original ATM:Expert pack. Early game is smoother and much less grindy while the mid and late game have added content custom-tailored to fit perfectly into this challenging but rewarding expert-style pack experience.


No mods with content have been removed outright but some such as Embers, Water Strainer and Crossroads have been set-aside to showcase many new great mods now included such as Thermal Expansion, Astral Sorcery, Compact Machines, and many others. Across the devs and numerous testers, hundreds of hours have gone into testing and tweaking to make all this new content fit the same theme and progression with the entire pack’s theme in mind. This combined with a fine-tuning and updating of the unique classics like the Rockhounding Minerals system keep the reminiscent of it’s previous iteration.



One of the most-requested features is now here as well: A QUEST BOOK. Tons of quests in multiple chapters in the new HQM guide book will take you through all of the early game progression and well into the “mid-game.” The guide features appropriate rewards, but was designed to be optional if you prefer to take it at your own pace.


Intro Page
Early Game Quests


It's dangerous to go alone!


This pack uses “hardcore darkness” mods to add a new level of challenge to compensate for. As such it is recommended to use Optifine with dynamic lighting enabled to make the darkness a little easier to navigate.


 Watch your step...




Lead Pack Developer: Goose (godzirrah)

Co-developer and HQM: MigukNamja

Lead Testers: Sjaak and Hurja

Special thanks to the many others that have contributed feedback and testing through the remastering process~


About us

The “All The Mods” Team is a tight-knit group of responsive modpack authors, mod developers, and die-hard dedicated veteran testers and players. We are supported by an amazing community of great people that all come together to form a warm friendly community. Please come on over to our Discord if you have any questions, need help with anything (even if it’s not modpack related) or even better if you just want to hang out with us. Everyone is welcome. Our goal is to make things that other people enjoy playing and just have a good time.





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