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Uploaded by whatthedrunk
Uploaded Jun 25, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 4.41 MB
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MD5 206ae735db9628b97edea22a42cc2658
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• updated AllTheModium (fixes getting ATM ores with ET Void Ore miners)
• updated Ars Nouveau (requires rebuilding of the Scribes Table)
• updated CableTiers (fixes a major dupe bug
• updated LazierAE2 (fixes potential client crash when inserting Acceleration Cards
• updated Polymorph (fixes dupe issue
• updated Refined Storage (removes annoying spawn message)
• updated Reliquary (makes Creative Motor obtainable again
• added Tinkers Construct unification
• added Plate unification (Thermal > ImmersiveEngineering > Create)
• added Bitumen unification (Thermal > ImmersiveEngineering
• added ExtraDisks & ExtraStorage unification (ExtraDisks > ExtraStorage
• added Honey unification (
• added Creosote and Crude Oil unification (
• added Coal Dust unification (Mekanism > LazierAE2)
• added missing Plate processing
• added missing Honey processing
• added Probe and Psi to Akashic Tome
• added balanced recipes for Applied Energistics 2 Presses in case you can't find Meteors or you have no luck
• added conversion recipes for removed Solar Panels
• changed armor value of Creative Jetpack
• changed Thermo Plate recipe to balance it (
• fixed overworld spawns of Ice & Fire mobs
• fixed conflicting Parapet recipes (
• fixed Creative Machine Efficiency Augment being unobtainable (
• fixed a dupe issue with Create and the CookingForBlockheads Fridge
• fixed a lot of broken default mod recipes
• fixed lighting of ATM Star block
• fixed Applied Energistics 2 middle click quick crafting not working (
• removed unused Solar Flux Solar Panels
• removed Mystical Agriculture recipes for Applied Energistics 2 presses
• removed Mystical Agriculture Nitro seed recipe (
• removed Nitro Crystal Crux because Nitro seeds are removed
• removed duplicate Solar Flux Solar Panel 1 recipe (
• removed duplicate Solar Flux mirror recipe
• removed Cooking for Blockheads Fridge recipe to prevent duping with it
• removed duplicate Jetpack recipes
• updated All the Mods
• Forge Version is 36.1.31


loading into new or existing worlds takes a minute or three so be patient

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