Age of Summer

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Filename Age of
Uploaded by Kreezxil
Uploaded Nov 18, 2020
Game Version 1.16.3  
Size 6.09 MB
Downloads 284
MD5 0df0c57dfc92a701d4c9e2b494672f62
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


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Version: 2.1.7



Ran spark forge on this for 4 hours. Couldn’t find a single lag issue. Stayed logged on for 8 hours. Couldn’t find a single lag issue. Optimized the pack regardless. Configured PMMO, added RPG-Hud back, configured it.

Added a mod that significantly increases pack boot times. If it really does this will go on my other 1.14+ packs. Supposedly helps server boots too. We’ll see.

Added Ex Nihilo: Sequentia — because I like skyblock. Is skyblock available? no? depends on the world type you choose. it won’t be multiplayer tho. I just want to see if the mod works well. I like the mod. Plus it gives you an alternative option to mining.

Added Happy Trails which gives boosts to types of paths.

Removed mods that bypass the MMO/Classes aspects.



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R 155.13 MB Nov 18, 2020

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