Age of Progression

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Age of Progression [v2.6] [Stabilised Release Use me!]

Hello all! So I have finally done it, this will be my last release for a while. I am now planning on releasing updates weekly as part of a stabiliser program when working with "Server Owners".  What this means for you? This means that this will be the last "Release" update I will be setting for a while, all other updates are going into the "Alpha" state where they will be tested before being pushed into the release state. This will essentially means that as of right now [v2.6] will be classified as "Stable" and will not be changed any time soon. I hope this will enable a more stable and fun community that doesn't have to worry about "rouge" changes and losing progress; so a happy resolution all around =)


All changes listed in a table format:

- Bio-diesel Script Tweaked. 

- Custom Main Menu back / fixed.

- Tweaks to Refined Storage.

- Fixed Enderium Exploit. 

- Tweaked Server Performance. Expect better client and server performance from the pack! 

- Cleaned up servers.dat

- [Massive] Fixed major bug causing Mana pools / Thermal expansion means to revert state. 

- Many other things

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