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Have you ever played Age of Engineering and thought, "This would be cool if someone did Ages and progression with magic".  Well now someone has.  I present to you, the Age of Magic.  This mod pack contains only magic and magitech mods, and has been edited so you cannot do one mod without using another, and creating an interesting progression line based on mythical creatures, with the exception of man.


After progressing through a technological adventure, you walk though a portal, and nothing is as it seems in this new world.  As you bumble around, it seems there is an odd aura preventing you from smithing ore breaking tools.  In order to survive the lost world, you must work with what were once myths to learn magic and survive in this odd world.  As you progress further, you realize that this world just may be where all magic was sealed.  Just how powerful can you become, and why was it sealed in the first place?


This pack is based off of Age of Engineering.  There is the Age of the Fairies(Roots), Age of the Elves(Botania), Age of the Dwarves(Embers), Age of the Drow(Evil Craft), Age of the Demons(Blood Magic), Age of the Celestial Spirits(Astral Sorcery), Age of the Dragons(Ice and Fire), and the Age of Man(Psi).


If you have any suggestions, please leave them in comments below, and I will consider it.


Oh by the way, all pickaxes, except wood and vitreous, and beyond have been disabled. If your that desperate without one, go find a borrow and steal one from a chest, or trade that in for an Upgrade???  The point is to use the shatter spell to get to the nether without crafting/finding a pickaxe, and later to buy them from the Dwarves.  All other tools are left alone.


If you have a youtube channel and are doing a series, please comment it down below.  I'd love to see what you do with this pack.


As a disclaimer, I do not own any of the mods.  Props to them for creating such great ideas, let them keep flowing.


This mod uses Better Questing to set up the Ages, looking for fanart on the front cover if any of you are interested in that