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Uploaded by davqvist
Uploaded Jul 23, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 3.73 MB
Downloads 32,370
MD5 60a56ea5e5dac736bb63cd46e2b99f36
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


- Mods updated
- Added Swing Through Grass
- Added Mod Name Tooltip
- Added Bad Wither No Cookie!
- Added CalcCrT which fixes the fake Calculator recipes in JEI
- Added ExU2 default Chunkloader recipe for servers where FTBUtils chunkloading doesn't work
- Added Pure Certus and Fluix recipe for those who forget to grow the seeds in advance
- Fixed Iridium Alloy Ingot recipe to oredict Diamond Dust
- Fixed Advanced Solar Panels recipe to use oredict circuits
- Fixed all the additional IC2 machines recipes now showing correctly in JEI, fixing "modifications stuck" message at the same time
- Added IC2 Block Cutter recipes
- Changed Wither Dust Block recipe
- Changed Angel Ring recipe so that you get Soularium Jetpack back
- Removed TechReborn Tooltips and Mercury Cell Fix as the update should fix those issues now
- Removed Titanium being able to smelt down in the TC Smeltery
- Removed the Progressive Automation Capacitors and changed ER Power Tap accordingly
- Removed expensive crafting recipes for Advanced Rocketry Gears
- Disabled Stable Stone Replication
- Edited a lot of sections in the guide

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