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Filename Age of
Uploaded by davqvist
Uploaded Apr 17, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 18.24 MB
Downloads 1,296
MD5 2716b38178f83425cae10e659cc53b7c
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


IMPORTANT: This update fixes several issues that affect gameplay in the Space Age.
You can't skip this update to fix it as the important config option reverts back after starting the game once.
Please make sure to backup the world before updating (as usual) especially if you were in space already.


- Mods updated (Advanced Rocketry fixed issue that all planets generate as Gas Giants)
- Disabled Slime Islands in the Space Station Dimension
- Specified planets from Alpha Centauri as they somehow don't generate random anymore
- Added recipe to clear Oil from Oil Generator
- Disabled Yellorium to Uranium OreDict in the config rather than in Crafttweaker as there were still exploits
- Added empty Lapotron Crystal to OreDict
- Fixed Thick Neutron Reflector recipe
- Fixed Upgrading Mekanism Factories recipes
- Hopefully Mekanism being Joules only works now
- Fixed Extreme Reactors Turbine and Reactor Power Tap recipes
- Added smelting of Bauxite Dust in TC Smeltery
- Added TC Smeltery recipes for IC2 Cables

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