Right lads and lasses so the first one was alright but this one is so much better this year I've decided that I wanna create a mod pack

themed on progression so here's a bit of the lore.


The year is 1930 all around the world especially in Germany things haven't been going so well but you the protagonist

will take on the role of being a leader and lead a nation to greatness you start with nothing and build up from the bottom you can be

a German, American, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian basically anything you want and bare in mind the sky is not the limit as you

must achieve to make the galaxy your limit with the Galacticraft mod or destroy the world and the presence of mankind with Nuclear Warfare

This choice is up to you.


This is a brief explanation however this is meant for Multiplayer, It's single player compatible but it's not very fun in singleplayer.

And I recommend allocating at least 7G of Ram  if you have it of course, It is high end.