Aether Skylands



A modpack made from the ground up based on The Aether 2 - The Highlands Expansion.

In this modpack, you will encounter many custom recipes, mechanics and even custom mods made for this modpack. Ex Nihilo has been heavily customized to fit The Aether 2 environment. 

This isn't an expert modpack but is also not an easy one.



150+ Quests (Many more to come).

Custom Ex Nihilo Recipes.

Custom Draconic Fusion Crafting Recipes.

Custom Mods.

Custom Islands.

Custom Jetpacks.

Server Support.



Innovative Hammer Progression

This modpack offer an alternative to the traditional Ex Nihilo Hammer Progression. Hereunder is the so called Traditional Ex Nihilo Hammer Progression:

<s>CobbleStone -> Gravel -> Sand -> Dust</s>

The Innovative method NFINIT Skylands 2 proposed a Hammer Progression, where Blocks of Solid Stone requires a Compressed Hammer to be broken down, where as Blocks of dusts (or Cracked Stone) will still use a Hammer.








Join our discord server to keep informed about modpack updates, server info and much more.


Offical Server

We are also working on an official server for the pack, where you can join friends and work together.

You can join the official server from the main menu.