960 Downloads Last Updated: May 3, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Join AdventureQuest – a path for every adventurer


AdventureQuest is a modpack where players can choose many different paths to pursue, be it dabbling in sorcery, technology, dragon wrangling, building or exploration. Almost uncountable discoveries await, with hundreds of quests to complete (and more coming soon).

This modpack been based on the idea of MC Eternal Lite, but with some additions, removals and tweaks to make a more coherent whole. It has a single power system, with abundant technology to feed, and decent backpack and storage systems to support the crazy amount of loot available.

No matter what your play style, there’s something in this pack to keep you busy. Join the AdventureQuest server which is included in the modpack download and play as a team, or go your own way. Build up high or dig down deep, Travel the world, and tour the many different worlds and dimensions. Make architecture, wear custom armour, keep draconic pets, grow a mandrake farm, create FLARD, flee for your life from it, etc. – so many things to do!


Right now we are building our server and tuning up the modpack and server pack. This means there are constant updates happening and your input is desperately wanted to improve on the concept of AdventureQuest.


Come and join us, on the server and on .


Do you have skills that you think would help the server expand and flourish? Do you love to build architectural marvels, manufacture mechanical masterpieces, or scribe sorcerous lore? We are always looking to expand our team and we would love to hear from you.


NOTE: We recommend assigning at least 4GB RAM for the modpack to run well.



Many thanks go to the to the creators of the MC Eternal pack, and to the developers of each and every mod that we use on our server or in the modpack.


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