A Polychromatic World

What is this pack about?

This is a modpack centered around magic mods. It is inspired by packs like Infinity Evolved: Expert Mode and Age Of Engineering, but tries to focus on magic mods. It is however not completely devoid of tech mods, but instead chooses to change them to be similar to the rest of the mods in the pack.


This pack has:

ChromatiCraft, with a few tweaked recipes (approved by Reika),

A few tech mods turned magical,

Extremely powerful endgame items and abilities,

Custom progression, with changes to nearly all mods.


This pack does not have:

Highly grindy recipes for mods like Avaritia

Most common tech mods

Recipes that are more expensive just to be more expensive (like logs that give one plank)



There are quite a few tweaks in the pack. All progression is linked together in complex ways, with an in-game guidebook to help deal with the complexity.



A note for server owners:

It is highly recommended that you go into ChromatiCrafts config, and set the option for respawning the dragon to true. This to prevent players from getting stuck in the ChromatiCraft progression. Alternatively, delete the end every once in a while.


An alternative background:
Major thanks to TheCaneOfTheTopHat for making an alternative background for the pack. You can download the image, and put it in the "resources/mainmenu" directory as "mainmenu.png"