A Minecrafter's Odyssey

9,065 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 14, 2018 Game Version: 1.10.2  

5555: A Minecraft Odyssey is the first modpack by cybercat5555. As you fight your way through hoards of biomechnical nightmares, vicious androids, extraterrestrial hunters and more, you may find yourself taking shelter in ancient vessels created by mysterious otherworldly species, only to find that even worst creatures lurk within. Fight otherworldly beasts, raid dungeons, gather vast treasures, and explore the galaxy! Or just bird-watch and watch auroras in the middle of a forest. The possibilities are endless!


But remember, In Minecraft, no one can hear you scream.



 Check out Ulandos' new series, Itel Prime, a sequel to Prometheus Rising, which features this pack.

Note: the default configs and spawn rates were created specifically for Itel Prime. If you're playing this pack on your own, it would be a good idea to replace the "customspawner" folder with the "customspawnerALTERNATIVE" folder for the best experience.


If your world happens to be covered in blocks with missing textures, make sure you have the WTF Expedition resource pack enabled!


Also note some structures may not look as they did in 1.7.10, this is because of internal changes with AvP. This will be fixed soon enough. 


 Note: This pack contains various structures I built specifically for this pack that I do not wish for anyone else to redistribute. If you find anyone redistributing any of this pack's exclusive structures, please let me know.



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