A Healthy Balance

807 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

     Originally, this was meant to be a private pack for me and some friends on a server that we built. A couple people that aren't involved with the server wanted to play so I uploaded it here.


     This pack consists of a lot of my personal favorite mods, plus a huge amount of other popular & famous mods, like Clay Soldiers, Rogue-like Dungeons, & Battletowers. This is the ultimate kitchen sink pack, with over 200 mods of heavy tech, magic, and exploration. It's also not meant to be necessarily challenging, it's just supposed to be fun. I did not edit any default recipes for the sake of pure enjoyment. This is as opposed to an expert pack, it's a relaxing journey through many available tech and magic mods in 1.12.


     The only major configuration that is changed by default is the removal of redundant resource generation. In the future I hope to add as many mods as I see applicable. As of current, I have not experienced any crashes or bugs, be welcome to report them in the comments.


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