ZombieTech Reborn

375 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 20, 2019 Game Version: Forge

This mod aims to add new zombies and a new level of difficulty to the game.

Currently, the mod only has 7 new zombies and 3 new items (like in the original one), but I'll add more content in further updates.

This project is a recreation of the old 1.4.7 "ZombieTech" mod (https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/1287420-1-4-7-zombietech-a-true-challenge-waits-for-you) by Emreminecraft.

Also, this was made using MCreator, so thanks to them ! (https://mcreator.net/)


Here is a list of items :


Electronic Chip :

This "useless" item cannot be crafted and will rarely drop from Cyborg zombies.



Charged Chip :

This item is crafted with one diamond and eight Electronic Chips, in a "furnace" or "chest" like recipe with the diamond in the center.



Electro Sword :

This sword will deal 6 hearts of damage (I slightly buffed it) and will set the enemy on fire for 5 seconds.

It can be crafted with a stick and four Charged Chips.


And here's the list of the new mobs :


Fat Zombie :


Guess he ate too many donuts !

This big boy is pretty slow but also pretty strong, dealing 6 hearts (yes, 6 HEARTS) of damage.

It has 50 health points (25 hearts) and will drop rotten flesh and bones.

Crawler :


This sneaky serpent like zombie is pretty slow, pretty weak but silent as hell (he certainly trained in a Dojo or something) !

It will only deal a heart and a half of damage and only has 15 health points (roughly 7.5 hearts).

Watch where you walk though !
It can drop rotten flesh, and if your lucky, bones.

Tank :


Oh! Boy are you ugly.
Pretty much like a Fat Zombie, but fatter and also deadlier.

It has 150 health points (75 hearts) and it deals 9 hearts of damage. Basically, it two-shots you.
It can drop up to two diamonds, so I recommend you try to kill one in early games !

Runner :


He's the champion of all marathons.
It can catch up to you, even if you are sprint jumping !

I recommend hiding instead of running as they deal 4.5 hearts of damage.
It drops carrots, and if you're lucky, bones.


Cyborg :

Meh, can't you just shut your mouth and give me your electronic chips ?
This robot like zombie has 50 health points, will deal 4.5 hearts of damage and will drop gunpowder, and if you're lucky, Electronic Chips.

Huge Zombie :

Hug ?
An obvious tip : don't accept.
I recommend killing it with a bow and arrows, like, seriously.
500 health points, 250 points of damage. I bet you wouldn't survive more than 10 seconds !
Though, it drops 5 diamonds. Would you take the risk (I would not).

Mutant Zombie :

Wouldn't even touch it with a stick.
Like, WAS IST DAS !? A cow, a zombie ? The baby of a cow AND a zombie !?
Don't want to know. Anyway, this "thing" has 35 points of health and will deal 4.5 hearts of damage.
It will drop beef (?) and bones if you're lucky !

Hum, just, don't approach it as it gives Poison II, Nausea II and Slowness II for 15 seconds !




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