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Zombie Invasion


Get it on Modrinth: Zombie Invasion - Minecraft Mod (modrinth.com)


Zombie Invasion adds 5 new zombie variants with many more in the works.

They all spawn naturally inside your Minecraft world.



  • Balloon Zombie | Floats around. You can shoot an arrow at him to pop his balloon!
  • Floaty Zombie | Hangs around at the beach.
  • Snowball Zombie | Throws snowballs at anything that moves.
  • Party Zombie | May throw a party when defeated!
  • Knight Zombie | Tough armoured zombie

Zombie ideas? Leave them in the comments!





Can I use this in a modpack? | Yes

Can I redistribute this mod (on another website)? | Yes, but be sure to follow the AFL 3.0 Licence.

Fabric? | Maybe

Mcreator? | Yes, but using Mcreator had no impact on the qualty of the mod.

Backport to X version? | No I have a live (sort of)