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Filename ZollernGalaxy-1.12.2-v2.0.32.jar
Uploaded by ZollernWolf
Uploaded Dec 1, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
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===== CHANGELOG =====
Zollern Galaxy v2.0.32

* Added Astros as a moon of Eden, the mod's first moon.
     - The moon appears in Eden's night sky.
     - Eden's SkyProvider has been adjusted to show the Astros moon in its night skies.
* Added the Eissentam galaxy.
* Added the Astros Villager.
     - Regular Alien Villagers will convert into Astros Villagers when on the moon.
* Added the Caligro Villager.
     - Regular Alien Villagers will convert into Caligro Villagers when on that planet.
* Added the Zollus Villager.
     - Regular Alien Villagers will convert into Zollus Villagers when on that planet.
* Added a config option to make this mod's custom Alien Villagers stop going "HNGH!!"
     - Does not affect the GC Alien Villagers.
* Added Eden Crystal gen to Astros.
* Added a config option to control the spawn rate of all Alien Villagers and their variants on all Planets and Moons.
* Added custom Sapphires for trading. Sapphire Ores will now spawn on Astros.
* Sugar can now be crafted into Sugar Blocks and vice versa.
* Adjusted relative orbit times and distance from center.
* Four unused star systems have been moved to the new Eissentam galaxy.
      - So far, it seems that the only way to access this is through MJRLegend's Extra Planets mod.
         - This will be tested and addressed further in the future.
* Updated Galactic HUD to interpret moons as well as planets.
* Mining tunnels will now generate on Astros.
* Changed all Planet and Moon tiers to be 3 by default (customizable via config file).
     - This makes accessing them easier, and not necessarily limited to Star Gates.
* Outposts should no longer generate in ocean-type biomes.
* Every custom Alien Villager now has their own trade goods and item prices.
* Updated Space Station block texture.
* Alien Villages will now be made out of a specific block per-world.
* Fixed Purgot Dirt potentially showing up on Zollus.
* Fixed (mostly) ravines not generating correctly.
* Fixed HUD temperature not converting to Celsius from Fahrenheit when toggled in config.
     - Changed config option to True/False instead of F/C.
* Fixed - FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY!!!!!!!!! - fixed the zoom-in issue!!!!!!
     - Config has been updated to use offsets instead of setting coordinates directly.
* Fixed Mega Creeper having some missing texture areas.
* Fixed Space Stations sending the Player to the Overworld instead of the parent planet when they fell off.