Zephyr (Zenith - RPG Series compat)



Zenith Adventure Module content for the RPG Series



Note: To use this mod alongside Apotheosis (instead of Zenith) and RPG Series' mods via Sinytra Connector, make sure you have all of Apotheosis' dependencies and no Zenith dependencies. You'll also need to add the following in globalModAliases in the connector.json config:

"apotheosis": "zenith"




Content Added:


There are gems for every major spell power school, and 6 tiers for every gem type

Image of the fire gem, Dragonfire Spessartite. Description of the frost gem, Dragonfire Spessartite. It can fit in fire weapons and armor, and gives fire-themed effects and attribute bonuses.


There are affixes for every magic school type An example affixed frost staff, with high level frost spell power gems embedded and frost-specific effects. The name reads "Volatile Netherite Frost Wand of Eternal Freezing"

Loot Categories:

You can manually override an item type in the adventure module config using any of this mod's 2 newly added types. Any weapon with the appropriate attributes should automatically receive a loot category, but you can override them in adventure.cfg:

staff (a two handed casting weapon)

wand (a one handed casting weapon)

You can also sort affixes onto appropriate elemental gear automatically by placing them into an "elemental/school_schoolname/" directory. 
"schoolname" should match up exactly with the registry name for a SpellSchool.
For example:

Other features, such as bosses and affix loot entries, are planned.

Required both client and server side.