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Imagine that you can make Redstone armor ... Or add Redstone to ... obsidian powder? And at the same time, a star is capable of changing the world. Dominate or lose.

Alchemy, Machines, Armor and more is coming: mobs, dimensions, materials, tools, armor, and more.

* This mod is made to be played with modpacks

Redstone (already in vanilla): Redstone bar, armor

Redsidian: Redstone powder mixed with obsidian powder

Zarthura: A pink ore that is very easy to find. Their armor is resistant and, if mixed with Star Diamond, become even more powerful.

Stellar Diamond and Stellar Obsidian: They are the respective items mixed with Nether Stars. They are fundamental, and they serve as energy to the mod.

Stellar Processor: Machine that uses the Stellar Diamond as energy. It is used for creating Aura, and more.

Crushing Chamber: Made to crush certain ores, transform it into powder and take advantage of the next machine.

Combination Table: Using Dyarin ore, you can make ores from your powders


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