You Shall Not Spawn! [Forge/Fabric]



Disable unwanted mobs from spawning using JSON configuration.

Supports Forge, Fabric and QuilMC from 1.17.x to 1.20




  • Can I use this in my modpack?

Of course! It was designed for modpack creators to remove undesired entities that may unbalance the game or

create issues.


  • Can I still make the entities spawn?

No, once a mob is added to the blacklist, there is no way to spawn it by any method.

Both natural or through eggs/commands. This mod is meant to completely remove undesired entities


  • Client or server?

Everything happens on the server's side. Though it is recommended to leave the mod and config for clients too,

for the case they want to play a single player world. You should always leave this mod in the server pack alongisde its config.


  • What if I add an entity to blacklist that was already spawned?

Spawned entities will still exist, so it's up to you if you want to kill them or not.

For this reason it's recommended to configure the mod before creating a world 


  • What if I mispell an entitity's ID in the config file?

Nothing will happen. Adding invalid ID's won't cause issues, but obviously the entity won't be blacklisted

as it technically doesn't exist. Same thing would happen if the mod isn't present, but it will be if it's added later and the ID is valid.




Example Configuration:

Configuration is as simple as adding JSON entries for each entity you want to prevent from spawning.

Entities can be from vanilla or any mod, you just have to add the id with the proper namespace, like minecraft:slime

It's located inside the config folder, with the file "ysns.json"