Ylf : your flying pet

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"About Ylf Mod"

Ylf Mod is simply mod that add a mob, Ylf!
As of now, we require and support 1.20.1 version of Forge and Minecraft.
The support for fabric mode loader is not planned.(I'm so sorry...!)



"About Ylf"

Ylf are white creature that inspired by phantom.
yeah, the 'PHANTOM'.
however they are friendly mob to player.
which mean you can tame and heal them with particular item.
the particular item different by ylf's type, and the types are depending on its spawning biome.
once you tame them, they will help you lots

because they can do lots of things like holding item, attacking enemy, sitting when you order!



ingame screenshot 2






check spoiler below!

bird cage(any kind of slab will fine)

clean leaves

broken Ice

colorful feather to feather




"Tutorial video"



Q. Can I report questions, suggestions, and bugs in the comments?

A. As long as we respect each other, we are always welcome and grateful!
Instead, please avoid mentioning the mod in articles that are not related to the mod.

Q. Although it's our first time meeting, can we get the mode?

A. Of course, you can receive it, and the producer is happy if you do it!

Q. Can I redistribute the mode file to other sites, etc.?

A. I'm planning to upload files on the site.

but I don't want anyone to redistribute my file.(Crying)

However, I think it's natural to exchange files between individuals.

Q. When is the next update?

A. It is difficult to give a definite answer to this question.

We're going to update them freely.

Thank you for keeping in mind that mod updates may suddenly stop one day.


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