Welcome to Yggdrasil! The mod that expands upon Vanilla's features by folds! 
Some of you may know this as Overmod, now it's updated for 1.16.5, with more features included! Yggdrasil is the mod where everything I wanted to see in Minecraft has been added, as I find vanilla Minecraft to be a little dull after you get used to everything. 

Thanks to the power of MCreator and the talent behind it. I'm proud to introduce you to this mod!

So, what does Yggdrasil exactly adds? Well, plenty! You got new biomes, cave biomes, crops, food, tools, mobs, and much more! 
Here's a list of the current features of the mod: (Not all of them are presented, the mod has 1,367 elements, so I'm just going to show the main bits and pieces)


- Bigger farm life expansion:

Dozens of new plants, fruits, vegetables, as well as food to the game! From your generic pepper and peach, to your more fantasy Glenola and Jury Berry. However, because I enjoy cooking so much in real life, I wanted to make the process of making the foods in the game more on the realistic side, still not too realistic, but realistic enough for you to need new blocks and the like. You need to make doughs, flour, baking powder, soda ash, and much more to craft yourself all the foods you like! (From noodles, to bread, to many others.) 

Many of the foods also need other stuff that need to ferment, which is done by placing items in a jar, or sometimes a barrel, then waiting for them to ferment. (This is how you get yeast, for example.)

Fruit trees are also here! Not many as of now, but you can get pomegranates, as well as olives!)

food inventory


- More mobs:

While I didn't include the character mobs I made back for 1.12 in Overmod, Yggdrasil does have its own slew of mobs. Nothing new as of yet (aside from the Gnome, more details on that later.) but I've worked their balance issues and fixed up many of their bugs. Goblins, Minotaurs, Balloons, Mandrakes, and many more have been added (or re-added) Most of the mobs now have custom sounds as well, which is always a plus!


- Blocks, oh all the blocks:

Pretty much nearly all of the blocks from the 1.12 version have been re-added, with many new blocks as well! From custom stone, to new wood types! Some 3D models, some don't. You can see some of the blocks in the screenshot below:


More Biomes:

 I always found Minecraft's Vanilla biomes to be lacking, so I thought why not make my own biomes? Well, here's the fruit of my work: Many new biomes have been added, some are the same from Overmod's, some are completely new, you can take a look at them below:





And new cave biomes! Currently there are only two:




New trades with a new mob

; The Gnome: Gnome houses spawn around the world, as of the time of writing this, there are only two gnome variants, the Janna gnome and the Desert Gnome. (Only the Janna gnome is trade-able as of yet),  You can right click on them, to trade with them for many items, blocks, and special relics! They use the currency of Yggdrasil, Prutah (Bronze), Sheqel (Silver), and Crown (Gold). You can get the coin by selling them various materials.


These are the main features as of the time of writing this. I'm planning much more stuff to add, so keep an eye out for updates! 
If you're interested in getting your hands on pre-releases, upcoming WIP features, or if you want to suggest your own ideas for anything. Feel free to join the Discord server for the mod: https://discord.gg/bG7p9A3


Currently known bugs:

- Sometimes, floating trees would spawn in the custom biomes, this is a problem that I'm not sure how to fix just yet, I've spent days upon days and still no luck. 
- Some ores don't spawn (Intentional) They will be made to spawn again further once they have their use. 
- Fruit tree leaves don't decay when the log is broken. 
- Custom wood chests don't double in size when placed next to each other. 
- Sometimes a broken download will have missing textures for some blocks and plants, make sure to redownload the mod to fix this. 
- Stills don't have a "smelting" animation just yet, but they work just as fine.
- Non-Priority: Some blocks and elements display weirdly in the GUI. This will be fixed later. 
- If you find any more bugs, please let me know!



Tutorial on how to get some of the stuff in the game: 

The new update adds in a slew of new foods, and I wanted things to be a little more on the realistic side, you can get many of recipes using JEI, as I will not be covering them here, but I'll cover some stuff that JEI can't help with. Until I finish working on the in-game book tutorial!

For starters, here's how you make Red Wine (this is useful for Cream of Tartar, which is used in other foods)

First, you need to craft yourself a mashing barrel, to do so, here's the recipe:

After that, combine it with 6 grapes to get yourself a barrel full with grapes. Like so:

Then you need to place the barrel somewhere in the world, and start jumping (essentially stomping) on the grapes to make them a mushed goo, (this is called a Must), the barrel will change from the first image, to the second

With that done, right click on the barrel with a bucket, you'll get yourself a bucket of must, and then craft yourself a normal barrel like so:

Place the barrel in the world, then right  click it with the bucket to place the must in it, and cover it (right click) with a cloth sheet (look up the recipe in JEI). Give it some time for the must to ferment into red wine, it will turn from this;

to this:

After that, simply right click the barrel once it's fermented, to take the sheet away, you'll be left with a barrel full with red wine, right click it with an empty bucket to collect the wine, and you'll get yourself Cream of Tartar which is used for various ingredients in the game.



How to get yeast;

Getting yeast is rather simple, all what you have to do is to craft yourself an empty jar, combine it with water and grapes, then you'll get yourself a grape-water mixture, place the new jar in the world and wait for it to ferment, after some time, you will see the jar change from what it was (on the left) to this (on the right):

Then simply break the jar (or put it in a crafting bench) and you'll get yourself the yeast!

(This method is used quite a bit by a lot of jars and foods, you'll know which ones work like so by their lore tag.)


- General tutorial:

This is not so much of a tutorial and more so of an info guide, simply put, many new foods need to be dried if you want to use them in recipes, like peppers into dried peppers, and tobacco into dried tobacco, you can look through JEI to find the recipes for crafting of "Peppers on Ground", "Tobacco Leaves on Ground", after you craft them, place the block in the world and wait for them to dry, make sure they can see the sunlight. As for fermenting (like fermenting cucumber to pickles, or the vanilla extract), simply put the block in the world and wait as well. As for the vodka mixture (Which is how you make vanilla extract), you need a Still, you can also look for the crafting recipe in JEI. 

I apologise for the heavy relying on JEI, all this will be fixed at some point as I finish working on the in-game book guide. Thank you for understanding!


- Planned Features and Updates:

  • Green Thumb Update: More crops, food! 
  • Dungeons & Dungeons & More Dungeons: A dungeons update, if that's not already obvious.
  • Project Decorations: Lots of furniture and decorations. 
  • Wild Zones: More mobs, both passive and hostile!
  • No Man's Biomes: More biomes, both realistic and fantasical!

I have no priority on those, I'll just choose an update and work on it when I can! If you have any ideas, join the Discord server and let me know!

That should be it for the mod! Thank you if you download it! :D



- MCreator
- Zasplat: For some sounds
- Beta Testers: Aroyki, Note.