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An Archery Expansion Mod which adds lots of Extra Arrows.


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== Downloads ==

Versions come in both Forge & Fabric 




The Arrows

There are currently 93 new arrows. These arrows come in 26 new types and 5 tiers.

Recommended Resource Pack with high quality arrow textures: https://modrinth.com/resourcepack/xtra-arrows-retexture

Are you an artist? Feel free to make a Resource Pack for Xtra Arrows. Your pack may even be featured on this page!

The types:

For recipe information, click here.

Atlantean Arrow Atlantean Arrows: 

Extremely useful for ranged, underwater combat. This arrow has the same inertia underwater as it does on land, meaning water does not slow it down. 


The Ender Arrow Ender Arrows:

Essentially an ender pearl which can be shot longer distances with bow/crossbow. Take your enemies by surprise.


Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrows:

Causes an explosion upon impact. These explosions are of lesser size than a TNT explosion.


The Slime Arrow Slime Arrows:

The slime arrow is a bouncy, unpredictable arrow. It is covered in slime, which causes it to constantly bounce off walls at high speeds and distances.

The Lightning Arrow Lightning Arrows:

The lightning arrow is lined with copper, which calls lightning down upon your foes! The power of Zeus is in your hands.

The Vexing Arrow Vexing Arrows:

The Vexing Arrow has the ability to traverse through solid blocks. It captures the power of the Vex with its Vex Wings, which are obtained by killing Vex. Those annoying little things now have a use!


The Tracking Arrow Tracking Arrows

Powered by Eyes of Ender, the tracking arrow locks onto your targets and pursues them. This powerful arrow will make your shots count for you (The last mob you hit is the mob which it will track). 


The Torch Arrow Torch Arrows:

The torch arrow is very much a utility arrow. It will place a torch where it is shot. This can be very useful in dark areas such as caves.


The Redstone Torch Arrow Redstone Torch Arrows:

The redstone torch arrow is very much similar to the torch arrow. The difference lies in its ability to place redstone torches rather than normal torches. This opens up new possibilities for wireless redstone signals.


The Soul Torch Arrow Soul Torch Arrows:

The soul torch arrow is much like the torch arrow. It will place soul torches rather than regular torches.

The Freezing Arrow Freezing Arrows:

The Freezing Arrow will apply the freezing effect to mobs within a 5x5 area of where it hits, with 3 blocks of height reach. Snow will also be placed in this area.


The Padded Arrow Padded Arrows:

The padded arrow can be described as a practice arrow. It has no arrowhead, and is instead covered by wool padding at the tip. This will cause the arrow to deal no damage, fall off walls, and bounce off any entities it hits.


The Breeding Arrow Breeding Arrows:

Causes any mobs near where it hits to fall in love. Applicable mobs will begin to breed. This arrow is a variation of the padded arrow, so hit entities will not be harmed. Once it is used, it becomes a regular padded arrow.

The Leashing Arrow Leashing Arrows:

Leashes any non-villager mob to the shooter. Shift + Right click the entity to unleash. This arrow is a variation of the padded arrow, so hit entities will not be harmed.

The Headless Arrow Headless Arrows:
These arrows have no arrowhead, do little damage, and fall off walls.

The Apple Arrow Apple Arrows:
A variation of the headless arrow. It will feed an apple to any hit mob or player if they are hungry.

The Golden Apple Arrow Golden Apple Arrows:
The Apple Arrow may be useless, but the Golden Apple Arrow certainly is not! The Golden Apple Arrow will feed a golden apple to any hit mob or player regardless of hunger level. Help your teammates from a distance!

The Enchanted Golden Apple Arrow Enchanted Golden Apple Arrows:
Like the Golden Apple Arrow, but the Enchanted Golden Apple version.

 Extinguishing Arrows:

Extinguishes nearby fires, entities, campfires, and candles. It also turns nearby lava to obsidian.

 Magnetic Arrows:

Pulls nearby entities toward it. If it hits a living entity, that entity will gain the Magnetized effect.


 Life Steal:

Transfers health from the hit entity to the shooter.



Temporarily not affected by gravity.



Places a lantern upon impact.


 Soul Lantern:

Places a soul lantern upon impact.



Ignites nearby blocks, entities, campfires, and candles. It will also turn nearby water into cobblestone



Tames tame-able mobs to the shooter. It is a variation of the padded arrow, so it will deal no damage.


The tiers:

Flint: This is the base arrow of Minecraft.

Iron: This arrow deals 2 bonus damage.

Golden: This arrow deals 3 bonus damage in the Nether. Deal 1 less damage in every other dimension.

Diamond: This arrow deals 4 bonus damage. It will also disable shields temporarily.

Netherite: This arrow deals 6 bonus damage. It will also disable shields temporarily.



Configuration Options:
Xtra Arrows is highly configurable. Reveal the spoiler to see your options. Fabric config only available for v3.0.0 and up


As of v3.0.0 and up Config Options for disabling arrows is located in saves/[world]/serverconfig/

CraftTweaker can be used to remove or alter recipes, if you wish to do so.


  • Enable or disable arrow types
  • Enable or disable arrow tiers
  • Define explosion radius of explosive arrows
  • Enable or disable the explosive arrows' ability to damage blocks
  • Define bounce amount of slime arrows
  • Enable or disable the lightning arrows being visual only
  • Define the underwater inertia of Atlantean arrows
  • Define the vexing arrow phase amount
  • Define the bounce multiplier of slime arrows
  • Define the life steal amount of life steal arrows


Video Showcase

Xtra Arrows Showcase starts at 9:27



Mod Compatibility:  

Xtra Arrows should be compatible with most Bow & Quiver mods


Modpack Policy:

 You are free to include this mod in any Modpack hosted on CurseForge.