XP From Crops (Fabric)

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This is a Fabric mod for 1.18.1 and 1.18.2 that will make experience orbs drop from harvesting crops.

This mod also has an option for right-click harvest and replanting with a crop in your hand.

This will work for all crops tagged under the Minecraft CROPS key-tag.




In cropxp.json5, you can set autoReplant to true, to enable the auto-replant feature.

This will enable you to automatically harvest a crop and replant the crop in one of your hands with just a right-click, while also dropping experience.

This feature was added as it is a highly-request QoL enhancement and unfortunately, many of the existing mods aren't compatible with the way this mod determines experience drops.


Config Options:

  • AutoReplant - Enables right-click harvest and replant with a crop in your hand.
  • Chance - The percent chance that a crop will drop experience. (Default: 100)
  • Amount- The amount of experience orbs that drop from 1 crop. (Default: 1)
  • CropDenyList- A list of crops to deny from dropping experience orbs. (Default: [Melon Stem, Pumpkin Stem])
  • CropAllowList- A list of extra crops to allow experience orbs. (Default: [Nether Wart])

Use CropAllowList only if the crop is not included in the Minecraft CROP tag (Which should automatically be included to drop xp)


Individual crop configuration planned for a later update!



This mod should be compatible with all mods that register new crops in the Minecraft CROPS key-tag!

This mod is not compatible with most right-click harvest mods, but that feature can be enabled through this mod!



  • Install Fabric for 1.18.1 or 1.18.2
  • Install Cloth Config API for 1.18
  • Install XP From Crops jar here and drop it in your mods directory :)



I will not be making this for Forge, as XP From Harvest exists, and is great!

Please check them out, as they came before us and deserve all the credit!


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