Xenon is a fork of Embeddium (Forge port of the Sodium performance mod) with improvements, extra options, and new maintainers. This mod is intended to be a replacement that is not hostile to upstream Sodium and contains extra features for modpack developers. Currently, it includes all the extra improvements from my Embeddium Extras mod, as well as Reese's vertical video settings (which is required for the extra options).

Xenon is not supported by CaffeineMC, or embeddedt. Do not report issues encountered with it to their bug tracker or in their Discord. You can report issues on the Xenon GitHub or on my Discord server

Promises made by the maintainers:

  • This mod will stay Forge only.
  • Contributions and improvements are welcome and accepted.
  • When/if Sodium releases an official Forge port for newer versions, this mod will stop being updated for those versions.


Xenon will work with everything Embeddium does, as it is a fork. We intend to keep compatibility with upstream and Embeddium / Forge Sodium addons as much as possible. Please note that Curseforge may automatically download Embeddium when downloading addons like Oculus. Addons that support 0.3.1 should be compatible, but you may have to uninstall Embeddium after updating. 

Mods that are incompatible with Xenon:

  • OptiFine is not supported. This mod replaces OptiFine.
  • Embeddium (this is a fork of Embeddium and does the same thing)
  • Embeddium/Rubidium Extras (included in the mod)
  • TexTrue's Embeddium Options (included in the mod)
  • Anything else that breaks with Embeddium / other Forge Sodium ports.

Mods that should be compatible (make a GitHub issue if there are problems):

  • All other Embeddium addons
  • Oculus shaders


For now, please continue to use [Oculus](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/oculus) if you want shader support.If you encounter issues with shaders installed, disable Oculus first, and if that fixes it, report the issue to them instead. 


  • JellySquid & the CaffeineMC team, for making Sodium in the first place, without which this project would not be possible
  • Asek3, for the initial port to Forge
  • embeddedt for their work on Embeddium, from which this mod is forked
  • FlashyReese & TexTrue for the vertical video options mod, and its Forge port, respectively.
  • SrRapero720 for bug fixes and contributions to Embeddium Extras.
  • XFactHD, for providing a list of gamebreaking Rubidium issues to start this work off, and for testing early builds
  • Pepper, for their invaluable assistance with getting Forge lighting to work on Sodium 0.5


 Xenon currently follows the license of upstream Sodium (LGPL-3.0).