Xaero's World Map

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Filename XaerosWorldMap_1.7.0_Forge_1.14.4.jar
Uploaded by xaero96
Uploaded Jun 24, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4   +1
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MD5 c3685a4315536239a39d173a874345c9
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* Compatibility with Xaero's Minimap / Better PVP 20.15.0. Not compatible with older versions.
* Fixed a lot of mod compatibility / concurrent modification-related crashes by moving all necessary work to the main game thread. For example, this fixes random crashes with Serene Seasons. This took a lot of work and rewriting, so new bugs are not unlikely.
* Fixed mipmap generation-related stuttering. It is possibly the "lag" that some people have been reporting for a while. There is a bug (?) where mipmap generation freezes rendering for much longer than the time it actually takes to generate mipmap. I previously used a workaround for the issue, while I wasn't even sure what the source of it was. It wasn't easy to track it down because the freezes happened at random OpenGL commands unrelated to mipmaps. The workaround seemed to only work on some devices and I think even caused other issues. In this update I simply removed mipmap generation for now.
* Fixed texture upload benchmark-related stuttering when exploring the world. The mod measures and approximates how quickly your computer can upload textures to the GPU, which may cause stuttering until it's finished. Map exploration-related texture updates are no longer measured, so the stutter should be gone.
* Fixed maps with a single region not refreshing after you change a refresh requiring setting and then select the map in the map selection menu.
* Reworked how Patreon capes are implemented. It's now done with a core mod and they should behave exactly like vanilla capes, which includes changing the elytra texture.
* Fixed empty regions freezing for some time after they are "refreshed".