WTP - What's This Pack

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WTP, or What's This Pack, is a simple modpack identifier for those of you who make modpacks and would like your users to have that extra bit of pizzazz in their pack. All it does is writes lines of text in any corner of the main menu. You can write multiple lines at once or have it cycle through them randomly. The text and the color of each string are individually customizable, and this can even be used to throw a little message to your users.


WTP is licensed under the LGPL v3, and it's made specifically for use in modpacks, so please, I encourage you to include it in any modpack, public or private, to your heart's content. Send me a PM too of you have the time, I'd love to check out your pack!


Please note:

WTP is client-side ONLY. There really isn't anywhere for it to display in a server and would likely just crash your server, so please just include it in your client-packs if you also offer server downloads.


Source available on github: https://github.com/robosphinx/WhatsThisPack


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