WTF's Expedition: Gameplay

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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

WhiskyTangoFox’s Expedition: Gameplay Tweaks

This Mod is an addon for WTF-Expedition, which adds the following features which have been spun out from WTF Expedition.
Block Stability: Cobblestone, dirt, and any other block listed in the config under stability, are affected by gravity, however only when disturbed by the player breaking an adjacent block, or by an explosion. Larger formations of cobblestone and dirt will not be affected. Stacking unstable blocks in a 1 block wide tower (aka nerd-poling) tends to result in the tower collapsing. Supports (fence blocks) will stabilise unstable blocks in a small area.

Harder Mining: Stone is significantly more difficult to mine, and instead of dropping as an item first breaks into cobblestone. However, whenever a player mines an ore, adjacent stone fractures into cobblestone. This feature combines with the DenseOre blocks from the ores module, to fracture outwards multiple times, based on tool strength and ore type. (note, that in order to prevent abuse, the placement of ore blocks by players not in creative mode is disabled).


Explosions: Explosion strength and directionality takes into account adjacent blocks, and can be controlled by placing high-density blocks (like obsidian) next to the explosion source. Whether a block is dropped from an explosion is based on the force applied to the block, and explosions generally drop more blocks as items than previously. The one exception to this is that explosions also fracture stone into cobblestone (feature can be disabled), rather than directly dropping the block much of the time. Redstone based blocks (redstone ore, redstone torches, redstone wire, redstone blocks) are not explosive on their own, however if disturbed by an explosion are unstable enough to also explode (be careful doing explosion based mining around redstone ore deposits).


Water: Water source blocks only generate in biomes with biome dictionary wet tag. No more infinite water outside of rivers, oceans, and swamps.


Torches: Torches will go out if left unattended (if no player is nearby). They can be relit, either by hand or requiring flint and tinder (based on config settings). (feature is off by default- enable in the gameplay config).

New Item: Home Scroll. Crafted with paper and an ender eye, teleports a player to their bed when used.

New Block : Recipe Crafting Table

A modified crafting table, which displays all the recipes you have the items to craft in your current inventory. Inspired by my complete and total inability to remember all the recipes from vanilla minecraft, let alone other mods, and a general desire to not want to have to scroll through pages and pages of stuff on NEI.

Recipe: Place a book above a regular crafting table

Can also be found in blacksmith chests in villages.



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