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Filename worldedit-forge-mc1.14.4-7.0.1.jar
Uploaded by me4502
Uploaded Aug 12, 2019
Game Version 1.14.4   +1
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Changes in 7.0.1

  • Fix source masks using EdiSession instead of clipboard

  • Fix bug with spaces in suggestions

  • Fix schematic list box loading schematics with spaces in path

  • Improve //thru (and navwand) in some cases

  • Fix error when /up was used below the world

  • Fix /up -f using glass anyway.

  • Fix suggestions for quoted strings

  • Improve suggestions for mask intersections

  • Fix setting biomes in unloaded chunks

  • BlockStateHolder now extends Pattern (API enhancement)

  • Skip invalid blocks when schematic versions are mismatched

  • Add -e/-b/-m flags to stack and move, just as copy/paste have

  • Fix //center for selections with even-sized height

  • (Fabric) Fix setting tile entities

  • (Forge) Update to latest Forge builds (28.0.45+ required!)

  • (Fabric/Forge Single-player) Fix wrong blocks being used when switching
    between worlds generated at different times/with different mods

  • Improve //naturalize over large areas

  • Fixed //restore with 1.14 worlds

  • Added item brush support to WorldEdit for Bukkit (Formerly just Forge)

  • Create an internal state ID mapping for performance

  • Improve rotation for some blocks

  • Added .self permission node to undo/redo to only allow undoing and redoing own history

  • Improve sponge schematic implementation

  • Re-add the delchunks command

  • Added 1.14 blocks, items, tags, etc to the API (Remains compatible with 1.13)

  • Made the navigation and selection wands normal tools that can be rebound per-user with //selwand and //navwand

  • Added //wand -n to get the navigation wand

  • Improved movement of paintings

  • Allow command suggestions for selectors

  • Allow block replacer to work with tile entities

  • Fixed pasting leashed entities

  • Fixed setting player heads with names

  • Added a mask flag to //count

  • Setup pagination for //distr

  • Fixed an entity-related error being caused by plugins improperly using Spigot

  • Fixed gravity brush

  • Modify chunk batching for performance

  • Further legacy schematic loading improvements