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Filename worldedit-forge-mc1.13.2-7.0.0.jar
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Uploaded Jun 11, 2019
Game Version Forge
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See this post for a friendlier explanation of some new features!


  • Added support for 1.13 and higher versions, and removed support for earlier

  • Use the official Minecraft format for entering blocks, `minecraft:oak_sign[rotation=7]`

  • Massively improved the //help command

  • Added a "##tag" pattern to set random blocks from the tag

  • Fixed long-range build tool

  • Fixed generation of hollow shapes

  • Improve general performance

  • Fixed some issues with the fuzzy blocks parser

  • Fixed the clipboard brush description not showing some flags

  • Added offset to ClipboardPattern, "//set #clipboard@-1,0,1"

  • Added a "##*tag" pattern that behaves similarly to "##tag" but sets all BlockStates

  • Added methods to set states and types of blocks independently, explained in this blog post

  • Fixed an issue with legacy block IDs returning the wrong stair shapes

  • Added a biome registry to make biomes more modern and stable

  • Fixed a few issues where WorldEdit will fail to load on versions that it hasn't been updated for yet

  • Use radius for the clipboard brush rather than diameter

  • Fixed some utility commands missing radius checks

  • Re-add mask support to the smooth command, to replace natural smoothing

  • Fixed some positional issues with craftscripts

  • Fixed a few issues with using hand/offhand/pos as block parser targets

  • Improved expression timeouts to reduce overhead

  • Improved entity conversions with legacy schematics

  • Fixed a few issues with "//schem save" and certain filesystem setups

  • Fixed a few issues with the forest commands

  • Added -f flag to //count to allow fuzzy inputs

  • Fixed TrueZip region stores

  • Partial support for CubicChunks, only upwards directions

  • Update many messages throughout the plugin to use new text features of Minecraft

  • Added biome and entity storing to the Sponge schematics

  • Improve TileEntity conversions for legacy schematics

  • Fixed "//size" on clipboards

  • Fixed some locale related issues that could occur in some specific circumstances

  • Switched to a new command system, to allow more modern features such as completions

  • Fixed an issue with invalid blocks being fuzzy compared

  • Added proper world conversions for files being loaded with "//restore"

  • Fixed other small miscellaneous issues

  • Remove the final stage committer from the MultiStage reorder mode, as it was unnecessary

  • Added /we report, and move the reporting system into WorldEdit

  • Update draw.js, roof.js, and maze.js

  • Allow the 'leave-id' parameter of //move to be a pattern rather than just a block

  • Modularised masks and patterns, allowing plugins to register their own

  • Minor improvements to the server side CUI

  • Cleaned up the fuzzy blocks system

  • Improved the error shown when WorldEdit doesn't support the platform

  • Provide better caching with LastAccessExtent

  • Allow biome changes to be undone

  • Workaround for a Spigot bug where it incorrectly sends a few commands to the client for tab completion despite permissions

  • Fixed issue where blockbags were checked for items when a block didn't need to change

  • Added a "fast" mode for reordering blocks. In the future this will be the default as it is much faster, it just needs more testing.

    • Reordering blocks is what allows edits to not break signs off walls, or doors off the ground.
    • To enable, run //reorder fast
    • To disable, run //reorder multi
    • This affects all edits
    • You can disable reordering entirely if you know what you're doing, with //reorder none
  • Fixed a bug with Entity resolution
  • More gracefully handle errors if the world's palette is corrupt
  • Made BlockType lazily-loaded
  • Properly rotate blocks. This should be fairly future resilient and work with mods
  • Added a configurable timeout to expression evaluation
  • Edits are now batched by chunks and ordered by region files, improving performance
  • Improved the API around flushing edit sessions
  • Refactored the vector system to prevent bugs caused by confusion, and improve performance due to less memory allocation
  • Added a debug option to help developers find places they've forgotten to flush sessions that require flushing
  • Added partial diagonal direction support back to some commands (Was removed in WorldEdit 6)
  • Added //drawsel, a Server-Side WorldEditCUI for small cuboid selections (< 32x32x32)
  • Rewrote the block parser, now properly handles Minecraft 1.13 names (See this blog post for more information)
  • Switched to the Sponge Schematic format, as the MCEdit Schematic Format does not work in 1.13
    • Old schematics will be loaded and converted as best as possible
    • This also added the ability to save biomes in schematics using the -b flag on copy and paste
  • Major improvements to the API (See this blog post for more information)
  • Removal of all old deprecated code
  • Added /tracemask, to set masks used for brush tracing
  • Added suggestions to almost all commands
  • Removed command requirement for CUI
  • Added a permission node to set NBT data, allowing servers to disallow copying full chests etc

  • Made a few paged commands use -p for pages

  • Fixed //restore not working for very old chunks

  • Massively expanded the capabilities of apply and paint item brushes

  • And much more!

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If you are using Spigot, get WorldEdit from here instead:

Quick tutorial: Once you download and install WorldEdit, enter a creative world and type //wand. Left click one block, right click a different one, and then type //set glass. You can learn more on the WorldEdit docs.