World of elements

277 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 27, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

- Explore 5 new dungeons! (Soon to be 6, then 7, etc...)

- Use the Elemental Gems found by breaking the cores to create the Elemental Chakram! And find other types of weapons and abilities based on the secondary elements!

- Fight a new spider variation and a dangerous new mob: The Undead Cultist! 

- A new breadable passive mob can be found in the nether: The Magmatic Chicken! They can't be breed, but the eggs have a high chance of spawning a new one!

- A new status Effect!

- A new NPC who will help you obtain powerful weapons and unveil the lore!

Clues for finding the structures:

Air island can be found in the sky, specially in the ocean and cold biomes.

Earth mansion can be found in forests, plains, and other woody biomes.

Fire Temple can be found in the desert.

Water Cubes can be found in any ocean.

The Underground cemetery can be found in the underground (._.). Follow zombie sounds to find it. The graves are more important than what they may seem.


- V2, V3: Added Divinity Flower and divinity disk!

- V4: Fixed structures, since they would sometimes spawn cutted in half.

- V5: New dungeon with a new mob and a secondary element!: The underground cemetery with the undead cultist and the new ghost related items! Added cultist lore.

- V6: The tower of *it's a secret* can be found in the nether. She may know something about the ritual, right? Also, the new nether chicken, a bunch of items, and a more lore!

- V7: New elemental chakram texture thanks to terravoltmc!

- V7.5 (Optional update): Reduced the spawnrate of structures.

 Do you want to know what the new effect does before actually playing the mod? Alright, here...

It allows you to temporaly go in spectator mode. The effects is applied to a player that consumes an Ectofruit or uses a Ghost Hoodie.


Chakram Recipe: (Using a mod to see recipes is highly recommended)


Thank you so much terravoltmc for the new elemental chakram texture!


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