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Pad your boots with wool, prevent Sculk and Warden Detection.

  Fully compatible with the official 1.19+ Warden!


Think these boots make the Deep Dark too easy? Download Warden Walkers for something more balanced: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/warden-walkers


These Boots Silence the Vibrations of:

- Stepping

- Falling and hitting the ground

- Throwing a projectile (A projectile hitting something will still be detected, but it will be traced to the projectile rather than you)



Leather | Chainmail | Iron | Golden | Diamond | Netherite

Wooled Boots in Action

Wooled Boots Showcase Begins at 1:29



Quick Access Links to Supported Versions (Forge & Fabric)



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Warden Mod Support

Some mods, which add the Warden, are compatible with Wooled Boots. These mods include:

- The Wild Mod by lukebattle04 (and the FrozenBlock Modding Team)


Boot Mod Support

- Mekanism Tools [Forge]

- Copper Equipment [Fabric]

- Therrassium [Fabric]


Modpack Policy

You are free to include this mod in any Modpack hosted on CurseForge.