Wizard Staff

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Do you want to be a wizard, but you did not get into Hogwarts? Don't be sad, now you can be a wizard in Minecraft! You begin by crafting the wizard staff, like so:



You can view the inventory of the staff by equipping it, and pressing right click while crouching. Inserting different items into the staff will change what it does. Below is a list with the different effect. But beware! Using the staff drains your experience, and when you have no experience left, it will drain your health instead!


The latest update is all about fashion! It adds three new armor sets: Warlock armor set, Druid armor set, and Wizard armor set. For every piece you have equipped, the spell xp cost is reduced by 10%. To obtain the armor sets, simply use your wizard staff on normal iron armor, gold armor, or leather armor respectively, and you will transform the mundane armor piece into a magic one. Also, these armor sets can be colored, exactly like normal leather armor can be color, allowing for endless combinations of armor pieces and colors! The image below shows the three armor sets with their default colors:



Besides the three armor sets, this update also adds third person animations for the wizard staff spells!


Here is a short video showcasing the fashion update:



Click this spoiler to see the spells added in the Nether Update: 


You can now also be a wizard in 1.16! Craft your staff and bring it with you to the nether, and utilize the 10 new spell effects to navigate the treacherous dimension:

* Ghas tear: Fire immunity

* Glowstone: Detect nearby enemies

* Nether Brick: Locate Nether Fortresses

* Netherrack: Turn lava into netherrack

* Obsidian: Magic nether portal!

* Soul Sand:Creepy skeleton arms from the ground

* Wither Skull: Projectile

* Lodestone: Teleport (1.16 only)

* Gold Nugget: Piglin trading (1.16 only)

* Netherite Ingot: Create a fireproof nether staff! (1.16 only)



 Here is a short video showing the 10 new spells added in the nether update:





Click this spoiler to see the spells added in the original release:


* Elytra: Flying (20 exp/sec)

* Clock: Turn time forward quickly (20 exp/sec)

* Book and Quill: Get divine insight (10 exp)

* Carved Pumpkin: Create cloud of horror (50 exp)

* Jukebox: Stun mobs around you ((40 + 20 per mob stunned) exp/sec)

* Blaze Powder: Flame thrower (20 exp/sec)

* Leather Helmet: Create Wizard Hat (30 exp)

* Egg: Store mobs (200 exp)

* Gold Ingot: King Midas (50 exp)


Here is a review made by CrazeLarious:



Here is a short video showcasing the mod:








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