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requires WithoutALib


Current Features:

  • two wallpaper designs with multiple colors
  • Pasting Table where you can craft wallpapers with paper and one to three dyes
  • possibility to add custom designs (see guide below)


Planned Features:

  • more wallpaper designs


Adding custom designs:

  • change "enableCustomDesigns" to true in the withoutawallpaper-server-config file
  • add your custom design to "customDesigns" in the same file
  • For example, if you want to add a design named "test" with two colors, where the first can be any color and the second can be blue or green, you need to add "test[all;blue,green]".
  • each design must have an individual name
  • each design can have one to three colors
  • if you want you can send me your design on my discord (see below) that I can implement them in the mod


Adding resources for custom designs:

  • resources must be located in "<game folder>/config/withoutawallpaper/CustomWallpaperResources/" or in a resource pack
  • for each design you have to create a folder with the name of the design in "assets/withoutawallpaper/textures/block/wallpaper/"
  • create a "design.png" file and a "color0" folder, for more than one color additionally a "color1" folder and for more than two colors additionally a "color2" folder (the design.png image will be shown in the pasting table design selection)
  • in each "color0" / "color1" / "color2" folder you have to create a "<colorname>.png" file for each available color (for example "blue.png" or "light_gray.png")
  • if you have a wallpaper with lime as first color and black as second color, color0/lime.png and color1/black.png will be rendered on top of each other



Any ideas on what I can improve / add or have a better texture for something?

Let me know: discord


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