Wither Hoe Mod

8,810 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 17, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

The Wither Hoe is an arguably overpowered weapon that grants its user a multitude of offensive and defensive capabilities. The Wither Hoe enables the user to fly and to launch slightly buffed wither skulls. In addition, the weapon gives the user resistance 4, saturation, and complete immunity to the wither effect as long as the weapon is in the user's inventory. The weapon's melee attack deals 25 points (12.5 hearts) of damage and inflicts Wither X on the targeted entity for 10 seconds while each skull deals 15 points (7.5) hearts of damage upon a direct hit and inflicts Wither X depending on the game difficulty.




In addition to the regular Wither Hoe, there is a more powerful, creative mode-only version of the weapon called the Charged Wither Hoe. It deals 10 times more melee and ranged damage and shoots buffed blue wither skulls that are capable of destroying normally indestructible blocks such as bedrock, command blocks, barrier blocks, and others. This is item does not have a crafting recipe and cannot be obtained in vanilla survival.


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