Wither Dimension [Discontinued]

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This mod has been abandoned
It wasnt that good anyways

This mod had 3 goals.
Recreate what i first though of when i though of the wither... A dimension
Have the dimension look like it would actually fit for a wither dimension
Have it seem like it could work for a real Minecraft update, similar to the original Aether.

After a while, I added a 4th which was add a Japanese vibe.

I feel like I only was successful with the Japanese vibe part, but oh well.

Short Description

This mod adds a dimension based off of the Wither from Minecraft. It also adds 2 new weapons, 1 more piece of armor, 3 new mobs, 1 new dimension, and plenty of new blocks and other items.


All of these mobs are only found within the Wither Dimension

Wanderer - A zombie like mob

Wanderer- A neutral mob. Don't attack them or you will regret it.

Shrieker - A mob with a large mouth

Shrieker- A mob that is capable or shooting out projectiles
Wither Samurai- A dark colored Samurai

Wither Samurai- The guardian of the Wither Castle
How to get there
You will need 16 Endstone bricks, 2 piece of coal, 1 nether star, and 1 endrod.
In the crafting grid surround the pieces of coal with the endstone bricks like
E= Endstone Bricks  C= Coal
to get Dark Endstone Bricks which you use to make a frame for the portal.
Use the end rod underneath a nether star to make a Wither Rod like this
O=Open Space  R= End Rod  W= Nether Star
You use it to activate the portal the same way you would with flint and steel.

There are other recipes but i don't feel like adding them here. Just use JEI to find them out.

Things I might fix in future versions
You can only use Death Blossom planks for chests and crafting tables and sticks.
The dimension is too easy for a post End dimension.

Any Ideas, or feedback? Send them to me here
Note: I will ignore most meme ideas. I am not very good at making mods, so it is unlikely I will be able to add bosses or anything too complex. Also anything that flies just seems impossible with the current version of MCreator. Yes this was made with MCreator, so some rights belong to them.


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